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[One] is a great song, and live is where great songs grow. The beginnging, middle, and end of this little tale is that in One, U2 had written a song that would never stop growing. Played live in the open air with no roof over its head, the song stretched and soared, and backed by Mark Pellington’s visuals in their rightful place, it was perhaps the emotional highlight of a very remarkable tour. - The Story of One.

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Where's this video from? /post/8841125941 Thank you!!

It’s from the Best of 1990-2000 DVD in the extra “Eze Sur Mer”

Shit happens. The drum kit would move forward…the sound I’d have on stage wouldn’t work. Edge would break a guitar string, and it would happen every night for a week.

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I looove your blog, thanks for all that gif-s :)<3

Thank you :) You’re very welcome!

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Please stop reposting our edits!


We don’t tag any of our pictures, but we do take the time to edit them ourselves. It’s really annoying to have to see them reposted. Even more so to see it done by people who follow this blog (so it more than likely wasn’t found elsewhere). You’re more than welcome to save anything, and I don’t even mind people using gifs in replies etc. But to make a new post with something we’ve made, with no indication it was not made by you, is a bit much. It’s so much easier to click the reblog button than to save and reupload anyway!

This also now applies here, too.

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I admire this blog. It's just, awesome your work! I love the gifs.

Thanks :D

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